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Maash Retirement Plan

(approved by Shari'ah Advisory Board of SALAMA and is Shari'ah Compliant)
Life Begins Upon Retirement!

Does the word retirement fill you with a vague sense of foreboding or herald the prospect of a welcome and well deserved phase of life with many new opportunities? Much depends on how confident you are about the future.

More and more people are beginning to recognise that they cannot rely on the state, an employer or their family to look after them in latter years. They also realise they are likely to live longer than previously thought.

But they do want to feel secure in the knowledge that they can afford to maintain a certain lifestyle in retirement. After all, retirement is from a job, career or activity and not from life. As a result, many recognise they need to take action now.

At SALAMA, we understand what it takes for you to enjoy the freedom retirement brings. We will help you plan ahead for your retirement by acting now rather than leaving things to mere chance.

The Benefits:

Family Takaful: A built-in Benefit that provides a lump sum payment if the Covered Member passes away prior to the Option Date of the Plan.

Waiver of Contribution: This cover will pay the remaining Regular Contribution on behalf of the Plan Holder if, as a result of a sickness or an accident the Covered Member becomes Permanently and Totally Disabled for a continuous period of at least 6 months and is unable to perform any occupation.

Critical Illness: This optional Benefit provides a lump sum payment if the Covered Member is diagnosed with a specified Critical Illness within the Plan term.

We cover eleven Critical Illness: cancer, coronary artery disease/bypass surgery, heart attack, kidney failure/renal failure, stroke, aortic graft surgery, blindness and loss of sight, heart valve replacement, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis and paralysis.

If a Critical Illness claim is paid, the Family Takaful Cover will be reduced by the amount paid.

SALAMA - Maash Retirement Plan
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